Dance Central 2 Review

One of the few worthwhile Kinect games just got better

We hit the final pose of Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” with a satisfied, but sweaty, grin. One of the most difficult songs in Dance Central 2 is a prime example of why this series is so successful: interesting and challenging choreography that’s still fun, a familiar Top 40 release performed by the original artist and a responsive gameplay system that lets you know when your limbs are horribly off-beat and are making you look like a complete douche. And while this isn’t news for those of us who played the first iteration, you can now do all of that with someone else at the same damn time.

Dance Central 2 will be instantly familiar to fans. Flashcards titled with names of the next move appear and are performed by one of the characters from one of the dance crews. Successfully performing the choreography will spark visual cues like a glowing trail from the character’s hands. Unsuccessfully performing results in red highlights around the character’s limbs that are being danced incorrectly. The same vibrant visual style as the original is present in 2 and the return of familiar faces like the diva Miss Aubrey are welcome sights. All 40+ songs in the game (not to mention importable tracks from the first and all previous DLC) are playable via solo, co-op and versus (Dance Battle) modes…

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Dance Central 2 Review

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