DefJam RapStar Review

When I say hip, you say hop! Hip!

Any person who claims to be a Hip Hop fan can tell you how they know all the lyrics to their favorite songs and can gesticulate the mannerisms of their favorite emcees. Prior to Def Jam Rapstar, our talents were relegated to karaoke bars, car rides with the windows rolled up or the occasional bathroom mirror. Thanks to this game, however, we can firmly place ourselves in the spotlights we’ve ached for for so long. That spotlight would be the warm glow of your television.

As a karaoke game, Def Jam Rapstar fulfills all the requirements and then some. The game does a fairly good job representing some of the major milestones from the 30-odd years that Hip Hop has been around; from Run D.M.C.’s “Run’s House” to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” there’s a good chance that everyone from the 36-year-old Hip Hop snob neighbor of yours to the 12-year-old swagger-afficionado will find something they’ll want to try. However, you’ll probably notice a surprising lack of heavy-hitters like Jay-Z and Eminem on the playlist, something that I hope will be remedied via DLC in the future…

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DefJam RapStar Review

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