DJ Hero 2 Review

You can be the DJ and the rapper.

Like many real DJs who have spent countless of hours behind a pair of turntables with little to no fame or fortune, the DJ Hero franchise has struggled in the realm of fake plastic instruments to make a name for itself in music gaming. Guitars and drums are recognizable, friendly even, but a spinning turntable with some knobs? Not so much. So not only was it surprising when DJ Hero merited a sequel, but it was also great to see that the franchise was actually improved and fleshed out even more than its relatively solid predecessor.

For those not familiar with the DJ Hero franchise it essentially follows the basic mechanics of other instrument-based rhythm games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. A turntable controller with a spinning platter and three color-coded buttons is your main method of mimicking the scratches and sound effects in each mix and a crossfader and effects dial are used in more advanced techniques…

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DJ Hero 2 Review

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