Michael Jackson: The Experience HD review

Let your fingers do the moonwalking

Millions of you bought Michael Jackson: The Experience and probably realized, all too quickly, that it’s really hard to mimic the King of Pop’s moves. Really, really hard. Maybe you got the zombie part from “Thriller” down to a science, and maybe you’re kicking with the correct leg, but a whole MJ routine? Well, some things are better left to professionals.

Thankfully, Michael Jackson: The Experience HD on the PlayStation Vita removes any chance of public embarrassment via pelvic thrust, and gives fans an Elite Beat Agents-style game that exclusively uses the touch screen. We’d be eternally thankful for the experience except for the fact that there are only fifteen songs included. Fifteen. And three of those (“Hollywood Tonight”, “Ghosts” and “Speed Demon”) aren’t even chart-toppers. Hell, we didn’t even know two of those songs existed until we played the game…

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Michael Jackson: The Experience HD Review

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